Implementation Strategies

General Guidelines

A few basic guidelines apply to all approaches to building with ducts inside:

  • Size equipment capacity to match the envelope requirements.
  • Identify the location of the thermal boundary.
  • Carefully assess how the home’s air barrier will be installed and how continuity will be maintained.  Which trade will do the work​?​ ​What materials will be used​?​ Schedule the trades accordingly.
  • Place the furnace or air handler in a central location.
  • Keep duct runs short and straight.
  • Minimize equipment and air noise.
  • Locate supply registers on interior walls when possible. Carefully select supply grilles for proper air throw and mixing using ACCA Manual T.

DOWNLOADS:         Ducts Inside Training Manual             |                Guidelines by Trade

Resource Guides for Six Approaches to Building with Ducts Inside (PDFs for all six approaches):

PDFs of CAD Drawings


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